Monday, April 18, 2011

The 65 Questions Meme

Once again from Sunday Stealing and once again a day late...

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Tell us who the last person that you took a shower with.
I have no clue, I live alone and I'm usually not in the habit of showering with people.

2. Tell us about your favorite tee-shirt. Extra points if you show a pic. (We know. What can you do with freakin' extra points?)
It's my Sunday Funday shirt that my friend Kim got me one year for my birthday.

3. Has anyone ever hit on you even though they knew you were taken?
Yeah, this is pretty common in the homosexual underworld.

4. Do you plan what to wear the next day?
Not usually unless I'm traveling.

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Why?
Tired. I woke up recently and I didn't sleep very well, there's some sort of construction going on in the hood.

6. What's the closest thing to you that's black?
My trick from last night. Just kidding, a pair of boots.

7. Tell me about an interesting dream you remember having.
I never remember my dreams for very long after waking.

8. Did you or might you meet anybody new today?
I just might.

9. If you could be doing anything right now (or perhaps after you finish this ridiculous meme) what would it be?
I'd really like to be kicking at the pool but it's not quite warm enough yet.

10. Can you think of a meme question that's never been asked?
As many memes as I've done over the past year nothing comes to mind.

11. What comes to mind when I say China?

12. Are you overly emotional?
Not when I'm sober!

13. If you could listen to just one rock album (CD, vinyl or mp3) which one would you pick?
Probably "We Are Pilots" by Shiny Toy Guns.

14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
I'm both a biter and a licker.

15. Do you like your car?
It gets me where I'm going.

16. Do you like yourself?
Some of the time.

17. Would you go out to eat with Charlie Sheen?
It could be a hoot. He's paying for the drugs though.

18. What was the last song that you listened to?
"Nobody Knows It But Me," it was on the radio.

19. Are (or were) your parents strict?
I'm not a parent and mine were never really strict.

20. Have you ever wondered what attending a wild orgy (if only to watch or...) would be like?
I don't need to wonder depending on how many people constitutes an orgy.

21. I say cottage cheese. You say: With fruit cocktail?

22. Have you ever met a celebrity?
Not really unless you count a couple of local politicians.

23. What was the last movie that you watched at home?
Zombieland, yesterday afternoon.

24. Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in?
Just the shiny disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

25. What countries have you visited?
Germany, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

26. Have you ever made a phone call while you were drunk that you've regretted? If yes, do tell.
Not that I can remember, I'm more of a drunk texter and I've regretted more of those than I can count.

27. Where were you going the last time that you were on a train?
West Berlin.

28. Bacon or sausage?

29. How long have you had a cell-phone?
Since 1999.

30. What other memes do you do regularly?
Only Sunday Stealing.

31. Who is the craziest meme host?
I don't know since I just steal them from a site that steals them.

32. Who invented chop sticks?
My money would be on an Asian.

33. Who are you going to be with tonight?
Just with myself.

34. Are you too forgiving?
I don't think that adjective has ever been used when describing me.

35. When was the last time that you were in love?
Many years ago.

36. Tell us about your best friend.
She's a devil woman.

37. What was the stupidest thing you learned in high school?
How to maxi pad a car.

38. What was the last thing that you cried about?
It was over some spilled milk!

39. What was the last question you asked?
Why am I participating in this insanely long meme?

40. Favorite thing to do this time of the year?
Patio Sunday Funday, go to the Arts Festival, birthdays.

41. If you had to get a (or another) tattoo, what would it be?
I don't have a tattoo and I keep vacillating on what to get. Lately I've been thinking about getting a 1-UP mushroom from Super Mario Brothers.

42. How would your best friend describe you?

43. Have you ever seen all three Twilight films?
I've never seen one of them, I'm not a thirteen year old girl.

44. Ever walked into a glass door?
In fact I have but luckily it didn't break.

45. Favorite color on that person that you are attracted to?
This is what I'm talking about. This meme could be a whole lot shorter with questions like this omitted.

46. Have you ever slapped someone?
Yes but they had it coming.

47. What hair style (for you) would you like to see return?
The mullet! Oh wait, it never went away in Oklahoma.

48. What was the last CD you bought?
An entire CD? I have no clue, probably something by Shiny Toy Guns.

49. Do looks matter to you?
Is the Pope a pedophile?

50. Could you ever forgive a liar?
Probably depending on the lie.

51. What's the hardest bill to pay every month?
None of them, I don't physically pay them myself.

52. Do you like your life right now?

53. Do you sleep with the TV on?
Often since I usually fall asleep on the sofa.

54. Can you handle the truth?
I can! I ordered the "code red."

55. Do you have good vision?
I do when I'm wearing my contacts or glasses.

56. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people?
Oh yes indeed.

57. How often do you talk on the phone?
As little as I have to, mostly to my mother.

58. What celeb would you like to come home to?
Chris Pine.

59. What are you wearing?
Pajama pants and a tee shirt.

60. What is your favorite wild animal?
The Tasmanian Devil.

61. Where was your facebook picture taken?
At a baseball game.

62. Can you waltz?
I can it's my favorite kind of dance.

63. Do you have a job?
I'm in the business of kicking ass and business is good.

64. What was the most recent thing you stole?
Either a pen or a lighter.

65. Have you ever crawled through a window?
I have and I'm about to again to escape this meme.

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Brilliantly Blonde said...

Chris Pine....yummier than Italian gelato served by an oily-bodied 22 year-old Latin cassanova!!!