Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Chef: The Great Pea Puree Heist

I caught the encore showing of Top Chef: DC last night at 10PM simply because there wasn't anything else on television to watch and I wasn't especially tired. I'm actually glad that I tuned in, the episode was a little better than the last couple of efforts.

I liked the quick fire challenge. Aaron Schock, a Republican representing the 18th district in Illinois, explains to the contestants that the first day on the job a Congressman must go through an ethics class. What this has to do with food is that a Congressman can only have food purchased for him that is small enough to fit on a toothpick. Thus the challenge, create a satisfying snack that will fit on a toothpick. Once again Angelo wins another quick fire with a duo of tuna. Not only did he win immunity in the elimination challenge but also a 20 thousand dollar reward. I really thought Stephen was going to win the money since he really believed he was!

Elimination challenge, draw knives for a protein to be served at Palm Steakhouse, the first time they've loaned their kitchen out to anyone. This is where all the drama starts with Ed's pea puree. Apparently he had prepped it the night before and the next day during the competition the puree mysteriously disappeared. Alex ends up winning the challenge with smoked salmon with black forbidden rice and English pea puree! A puree he supposedly prepped during the day of the competition. Andrea is sent home for her swordfish vanilla bean dish, oh and because she can't cook.

Other random thoughts on the episode:

Joe Scarborough was one of the tasters at Palm along with other journalist and Republican Senator Mark Warner. Though I would consider myself very liberal, I've always like Scarborough, a definite conservative. I like his ability to call bullshit on conservatives from time to time, basically not towing the party or philosophical line all the time.

Chef Art Smith was also one of the guest judges. His whole cooking from the heart routine wears me a little slick.

I love how Kelly refused to share her salt with Amanda and then proceeds to get busted to the bottom ranks for over salting the steaks she prepared. Apparently she was trying to produce "strong flavors." Yep, a shit ton of salt will get you a strong result. Karma's a bitch hag Kelly! Oh and Amanda's revenge is a dish best served cold (old Klingon proverb).

Stephen was especially cringe worthy this week and seemed to be featured a ton in interviews. I thought the Bravo editing machine was preparing us for his departure but alas his dream continues.

So what does everyone think of the pea puree fiasco? I totally think that Alex stole Ed's puree but who can really say with the editing. I don't remember ever seeing Alex making it on the day of the elimination challenge. Maybe further episodes will reveal more.

When are they going to bring in some Democrat guests?

Next week on Top Chef: I can't even remember the promo. Restaurant Wars has to be coming soon, no?

My "Bye Felicia" award this week goes to Alex. Cheaters never prosper. Alex, bye Felicia! On a personal note I wasn't too upset that Andrea was sent packing.

Next chef out: Stephen please, please, please, please.


Amanda said...

At one point, Alex told Ed he didn't use peas in his dish. Then suddenly he had a pea puree on his dish. So why would he even tell Ed he didn't use peas??

Andrea got on my nerves each time she said she was voted one of the top new chefs or whatever. That's nice but means nothing. Prove yourself.

Dave said...

I must have missed that conversation between Alex and Ed. Alex is such a worm!

Agreed with Andrea, I got tired of her touting her skills but never really did anything of note, at least that I can remember.

Dann said...

Yeah, I believe he stole the pea puree!

Dave said...

According to Tom Colicchio's blog at the judges didn't know anything about the pea puree suspected theft. He went on to say they'll never know what really happened so I'm going to assume we'll never get a definitive answer one way or the other.