Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Chef: Bore Wars

I finally got around to watching last week's episode of Top Chef: DC. I was totally unmotivated to watch last Wednesday as I had my butt planted at my desk at home listening to music and drinking beer. I really don't care much for the remaining whiners or most of the challenges this year. Hopefully that will turn around but I'm afraid it may already be too late. Some thoughts on the show:

The quick fire challenge was simply to cook with some ingredients that are not commonly used in restaurants, I guess in America? Snake, crocodile, frog legs, duck testicles, that sort of thing. The contestants drew knives to see what order they would pick their proteins. After some whining the time starts. But wait, there's a twist! Fifteen minutes into the challenge the contestants are instructed to take the protein from the person to their left. Bummer, eh? More whining from the contestants ensues. Get over it Angelo, this kind of bullshit has always been part of the show. Kelly ends up winning with an Emu egg omelet and has immunity for the elimination challenge.

I was actually looking forward to the elimination challenge this week based on the previews from last week. All the contestants were divided into two teams where they were to prepare a cold dish to present in their "Cold War." The interesting part is that each team would be at judges table and would pick a top and bottom chef to be considered for the win and elimination. I thought there would be a little more nastiness than there was but it seems each team did the right thing and truly picked the best and worst dishes. Tom did chide one of the teams for being overly picky but that was about it for the drama. Tiffany and Kevin end up in the top and Kevin wins the elimination challenge reversing his fortunes of late. Tamesha and Kenny end up at the bottom much to both of their chagrins. Tamesha is sent home.

Thus ends another dull episode with contestants I don't really care about. As of now I think the only contestant I kind of like is Tiffany.

Tamesha really got on my nerves this week after she was kind of growing on me! When she says things like "there's no way I'm being sent home," you know she's toast. I really hope she doesn't kiss her mama with that mouth. She went out acting like an ass, or so the editing would lead us to believe.

I think next season on Top Chef (Des Moines?) they should take all the first and second round losers and put them up against each other. I bet it would be more fun to watch than the current season.

Next week on The Real World, I mean Top Chef: Restaurant wars? Could be fun, usually one team is a total disaster and it can be fun to watch the meltdown.

Two things I'm sick of that don't endear the contestants to me: the constant whining and the lack of humility. I'm talking to you Kenny. I'm sorry but your food looked like ass this week, there's no conspiracy out to get you! Get over yourself and cook better food.

My "Bye Felicia" award this week goes to the producers of the show for picking such a motley crew of contestants this year. Maybe we were just spoiled last year by some pretty fantastic chefs. Producers, bye Felicia!

Next chef out: for the love of all that is holy Stephen must go!

After proofreading the post, I'm really sorry about the complaining this week! I think it just typifies how disappointed I am in a show that I usually enjoy...

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