Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top Chef: Crabs and Duck Lovin'

I very nearly switched over to Futurama last night during the beginning of Top Chef: DC. Is this season kind of sucking or is it just me? In any event, on to the recap...

Quick fire challenge: prepare a meal using fresh (live) blue crabs. Once again there was much whining from the contestants about the challenge, mostly about not knowing how to get the meat out of the crab or being accustom to working with larger crabs. These are the top chefs of America?

In a snippet from one of Angelo's interviews he said he had crabs once! Are the producers writing or encouraging this shit? Sometimes what they say doesn't feel real. Speaking of Angelo I did like how he helped Tamesha with cleaning her crabs. Strategy or is he genuinely being nice?

Kenny is a beast (in the kitchen). How do I know this? It was said ad nauseum throughout the episode.

Ed ends up winning the quick fire challenge. Ed? Is he new to the show? A mid-season replacement? I'm kidding. Ed's most endearing quality is his loathing of Alex. Ed also states in his interview that he's coming out of his shell. Har har, get it he won a crab contest. Seriously is some producer telling them what to say.

Every commercial break features Bethenny Getting Married promos. Does anyone give two shakes of a dead rats ass? If I was married to that crazy bitch I would be in jail for domestic abuse (by strangulation).

Elimination challenge: prepare six family style dishes out on a farm together as one team using ingredients from the farm and produce from a traveling pantry they set up in one of the cars. What was interesting was they wouldn't know what the main ingredients were until they reached their destination. The planning stages the night before was just a pissing contest between Kenny and Angelo to see who had the biggest cock.

The contestants arrive at the farm and more bitching and whining begins. It's too cold or (gasp) they have to cook on grills or propane stoves! Have any of them ever seen an episode of Top Chef? These kinds of twists are pretty standard.

Angelo made duck for the elimination challenge, he mentions that he prepared it so well that he made love to his duck. I wonder if this kind of behavior lead to his crab infection.

Kevin, Kenny, Kelly, and Andrea were the top four for the elimination challenge with Kenny (the Beast) winning with a sweet and sour curry eggplant dish. Sounds yummy. Tim, Amanda, and Stephen were on the bottom with Tim being selected to go home. I felt Tim would be the one since he changed his dish in the middle of cooking and he's been struggling lately.

Anyone else think the judges were kind of harsh, at least Padma? I hate it when it when she gets cranky, saying things like "I would send this dish back." Great criticism. It's probably just Bravo's crappy editing.

Next week on Top Chef: The contestants get to judge each other! Sounds like a lot of fun and potentially a lot of drama, I guess I'll tune in next week.

The "Bye Felicia" award goes to Tim. He changed his dish and basically didn't do anything in the elimination challenge, good call judges. Bye Felicia.

Next chef out: going back to Stephen who is consistently on the bottom.

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