Friday, July 02, 2010

Top Chef: Just Desserts

I love the Top Chef series, obviously since I write a recap about it every week, or rather just a bunch of snarky comments making fun of the contests, judges, and the food! So I'm kind of on the fence about Top Chef: Just Desserts. I wonder how a show with the Top Chef format can be devoted to just one part of the meal. Maybe I'm not that well versed in what a pastry chef does. Can anyone enlighten me? In all the restaurants I worked in I don't think there was ever any desserts made in-house. Yeah, I worked in some swanky joints. I think the only reason to be excited about the show is the involvement of Gail Simmons, probably my favorite judge from the Top Chef series.

Here's some information about the show from Bravo's site:

"Bravo sweetens the deal as Top Chef: Just Desserts -- a spin-off of the popular Emmy-nominated and James Beard Award-winning 'Top Chef' -- adds celebrated pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini as Head Judge with critically acclaimed chef Hubert Keller and DailyCandy Editor-at-Large Dannielle Kyrillos rounding out the Judges’ Table. Top Chef judge Gail Simmons will serve as the host of Bravo’s newest delectable delight that airs on Bravo later this year.

Each episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts holds two challenges for the pastry chefs: the first is a Quickfire test of their basic abilities and the second is a more involved Elimination Challenge designed to test the versatility and inventiveness of the pastry chefs as they take on unique culinary trials such as working with unusual and exotic ingredients or catering for a range of demanding clients."

So what do we think Top Chef readers and bloggers? Are we even going to watch the show, let alone blog about it?

Speaking of Top Chef, here's a list of blogs you should be reading weekly about the show, especially with Top Chef: DC in full swing:

Tales from LaLa Land My favorite Top Chef reading. Hilarious commentary.

Dealing in Subterfuges Miss an episode? No problem, just go here for a super in-depth recap and analysis. This site is a great resource for me when I'm trying to remember who made what dishes in any given episode.

Please Pack Your Knives And Go Another funny site with great weekly power rankings.

All Top Chef A site that has it all, recaps, polls, and links to other sites that muse about Top Chef.

Blogging Top Chef Just as the title suggests, another site with lots of information and links to lots of Top Chef information.

If there's any must read Top Chef blogs out there that I'm missing, I'm all ears. Actually I have quite small ears that are in perfect proportion to my head!

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