Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top Chef: Baby Food?

I was able to watch last week's episode of Top Chef: DC that I missed while traveling today on and off at work. Here's some thoughts on the show:

Quick fire challenge, create a dish that both Tom and Padma can eat and can be pureed for their babies to eat. This has to be one of the most ridiculous challenges to date. Baby food, really?

The quick fire challenge didn't provide immunity for the elimination challenge but it was a high stakes challenge with the winner being awarded ten thousand dollars. Arnold said he would donate his potential winnings to children in Thailand living with HIV and AIDS. Awwww.

Alex said if he won the quick fire challenge and the money he would buy a hooker and an eight ball with the winnings! I nearly fell out of my chair. One of the funniest and most aweful quotes in the entire series. I still think he's a dousche though.

Alex nearly tops himself by saying that he practices making babies, not baby food! Gross. Does anyone want to practice with him?

Tim, Alex, Kevin, and Kelly are on the bottom of the quick fire challenge while Lynne, Tamesha, Angelo, and Kenny are the judges favorites. Tamesha ends up winning, good for her! Way to take on Angelo girlfriend.

As lame as the quick fire challenge was, I thought the elimination challenge was pretty cool. All the contestants were split off into teams of two where they would cook a breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal for the Hilton hotel. At the end of each leg of the competition two teams would be safe and would not have to move on to the next meal to be prepared. By the end of the cook off there were three teams left where one team would be eliminated, both team members. Here were the teams and results:
  • Team Alex and Ed - they had a complete cluster fuck at breakfast forgetting to plate one dish among other problems but they were safe after the lunch portion of the competition.
  • Team Amanda and Stephen - one of the favorites for the breakfast portion of the competition and was safe from elimination.
  • Team Andrea and Kelly - they won the dinner portion of the competition and the overall competition, resulting in their dish being featured on Hilton's menu as well as winning a trip to Spain or Italy! Awesome prizes.
  • Team Tiffany and Tim - one of the favorites for the breakfast portion of the competition and was safe from elimination.
  • Team Angelo and Tamesha - also know as team Flirty, they were safe after serving lunch.
  • Team Kenny and Kevin - last team to be safe by surviving the dinner competition.
  • Team Arnold and Lynne - eliminated by having the least favorite dish during the dinner portion of the competition.

I was disappointed to see Arnold eliminated, being one of the few personalities on the show I actually like at this point. It was funny to see him and Lynn throw each other under the bus after the decision came down and how what probably ruined them was how the pasta was cooked since that's what they argued about while cooking. I blame Lynn, she fought to not overcook the pasta and it ended up being undercooked.

So who is the villian this year? It hasn't become clear, I thought initially Angelo but he's been pretty mellow lately.

So far this is probably my least favorite season of Top Chef. Has the show run its course?

Amanda did have a point when arguing with Kevin, you shouldn't have to explain to someone on how to eat a dish, at least in my opinion.

My "Bye Felicia" award this week goes to both Alex and Arnold. To Alex for his off the wall sex and drug comments and to Arnold because he would probably enjoy being called Felicia. Bye Felicias.

Next contestant out: I'm switching to Alex from Stephen, he's now under my skin the most.

Finally I get to read all the Top Chef blogs I've been avoiding for a week.


Dann said...

I agree the baby food quick fire C'était ridicule!

I was sad about the outcome. Boo!

Dave said...

Yeah I liked Arnold, though Tiffany is starting to grow on me as well.