Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Chef: Las Vegas

I love the Bravo channel. Many programs on this channel are about the only thing I watch with any regularity on TV aside from news programming on other networks. Last night was the season six premiere of Top Chef in Las Vegas. In honor of the new season I actually cooked a meal (something I rarely do) and settled in with a bottle of wine Dann brought over.

I thought it would be fun to predict the winners from the outset and see how those predictions turn out at the end of the season. A difficult task since I hardly know any of the contestants. Any readers out there (both of you) who watch the show, feel free to post a comment with your predictions for this year’s Top Chef and we’ll see who comes the closest.

My top three in no particular order:

Michael Isabella: The guy seems to be kind of an arrogant d-bag, but that has served other contestants well in the past.

Kevin Gillespie: Winner of the first elimination challenge, he reminds me of Bear Hugger from the Nintendo Punch Out!! series.

Ash Fulk: Dark horse. Just rooting for the gay guy!


Dann said...

Well, sad to say, I must agree with Dave on the three finalists. However, I do have an order:

1. Kevin
2. Michael
3. Ash

Dave said...

Lame. Get your own picks!