Friday, April 23, 2010

Picasso Cafe Re-review

Is re-review a word? I took some heat for my original Picasso Cafe post. Regardless of what some may think my original assessment wasn't an attack on Picasso Cafe or anyone that works there, well maybe I didn't like the server... Anyways, I have known Kim for as long as I've known just about anyone in Oklahoma City. I have specifically gone to places that she's served at or managed because she is simply one of the best restaurant people I've known in this city. Here is my experience with Picasso Cafe last night:

Dann and I got out of seeing a stage production of "Driving Miss Daisy" last night at Lyric at the Plaza around 9:30. We decided to head to Picasso Cafe to grab a quick bite and to check out their new bar next door, The Other Room (no web page yet). It can sometimes be difficult to find a place that serves food later in the evening. Having worked in the industry I hate to go to a restaurant 15 or 20 minutes before they close, people are ready to get the hell out of there after working all night.

We shared the BBQ chicken and jalapeno pizza and had a couple of beers. The pizza was fantastic, the food was fresh and I especially liked the freshly cut jalapenos. The service was great as well and there weren't any issues with ordering beers, though Dann would like Miller Lite on the menu. There was also some live music which was really good as well.

After eating we went next door to The Other Room, a newly opened bar where Isis used to be. We watched the second half of the Thunder/Lakers game, drank some great beer, listened to some good music, and had some interesting Thunder shots. I'm glad the location is open again next door. It's a great venue to just chill and enjoy some drinks with great ambiance.

Go to Picasso Cafe for a pizza and some beer and then have a night cap at The Other Room. It's a hip laid back experience that shouldn't be missed.

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Dann said...

I couldn't agree more! The pizza was great! I also enjoyed haning next door! The back patio will be awsome as well when it opens in a week or so!