Monday, April 26, 2010

Festival of the Arts

If it's raining in Oklahoma City, it may be the last weekend of April and you may be attending the Festival of the Arts. I had the opportunity to hang out with Dann, Mel, and the Captain on Saturday afternoon at the festival.

View of the Oklahoma City skyline from the Festival. The large cranes are being used in the construction of the Devon Tower, a 51-story building expected to be completed in 2012.

The Festival is great, there's lots of art to see/purchase, plenty of food from local vendors and restaurants, and of course beer. Pictured above is me, Mel, and Jaclyn hanging out in the park area.

Toward the end of the afternoon we were running low on cigarettes so Dann and I headed downtown on a quest for smokes. I can't believe how far into downtown we had to walk to find a shop that sold cancer sticks.

I took some pictures of the buildings as we walked around downtown. This is the First National Center, built in 1931 and currently the second tallest building in Oklahoma City. The building inside and out is a prime example of art deco art design. This is my favorite building gracing the Oklahoma City landscape.

We finally were able to find a shop that sold cigarettes near the Skirvin Hilton Hotel, they were $7.50 a pack! There are rumors about the hotel being haunted, just ask the New York Knicks.

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