Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vacation Top 10

The top 10 things I learned on vacation skiing brought to you by SPAM:

1) As I've found in other parts of the country, bartenders who don't know how to make Vegas Bombs don't know how to charge for them either! The link provided is missing one ingredient, Malibu rum. One bar charged me three dollars for my favorite shot which can be as costly as ten dollars here in Gooberville. Cheers!

2) I'm old and my knees can't handle moguls anymore, if they ever could reasonably well.

3) Cajuns don't order toast with their breakfast. According to my sister-in-law you have to order toast bread otherwise you may never know what you're getting toasted.

4) Southwest either lies or no longer has 99 dollar one way flights, at least out of Albuquerque. I drive up with my parents to Durango, Colorado for the trip and stayed an extra day after they returned back home. I hitched a ride with my brother back to New Mexico hoping to find a cheap flight back to Oklahoma City. Though I still had a long traveling day it was so much better taking a couple of flights home rather than driving.

5) Speaking of flying, two checked bags through American Airlines costs sixty bucks. Those dirty bastards!

6) Fat Tire is still the holy grail of beers. I wanted to bring some back with me but I'm sure it would have been another sixty dollars to check it, did I mention American Airlines are a bunch of dirty bastards? Fat Tire is shipped cold and since it has an alcohol content higher than 3.2 percent it is illegal to import into Oklahoma. Yeah I live in one of those states.

7) If you're ever in Albuquerque, New Mexico, check out the 66 Diner especially for the milk shakes. I had a bite of my brother's chocolate banana shake and it was quite tasty. The 50's environment of the restaurant is also worth a look.

8) I definitely need to wear sunscreen when skiing. I never learn and I figured this lesson out too late (the last day). I'm now dealing with and itchy face, scalp, and neck as well as healing blisters on my nose and forehead. I don't remember Durango being so sunny but I've never skied this late into the season.

9) A GPS devise is to my brother as a butterfly is to a kid with ADD. He'd rather play around with the electronic devise than watch the road while driving.

10) I hate Oklahoma City. I learn this every time I'm away and have to return home. Boo.

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