Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Oklahoma Senate is Hard at Work

This story is a couple of days old but I just had to comment. From The Tulsa World:

"OKLAHOMA CITY — The southbound Interstate 44 bridge that crosses over the Red River into Texas will be named after former President George W. Bush under a bill approved in the Oklahoma Senate.

The Senate voted 40-5 on Tuesday for the bill by freshman Sen. David Holt, R-Oklahoma City.

The bridge is located in Cotton County in southwest Oklahoma. The measure also directs the Department of Transportation to create signs to be placed on the highway.

The House will now consider the measure."

Are you fucking kidding me? Other names considered for the bridge:

The Dr. Paul Joseph Göbbels Memorial Bridge

The Bridge Over the River Red

The Mission Accomplished Bridge

How fitting that Oklahoma, home of some of the worst bridges and roads in the nation, is naming a bridge to Texas after one of the worst Presidents in American history. It sure would be nice if the legislature would tackle some of the big issues facing our state, like maybe jobs or the budget shortfall. Instead we're treated to bridge naming, allowing intelligent design classes in our schools, and ending collective bargaining for state employees. Stay classy Oklahoma!

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