Monday, November 14, 2011

Top Chef: Sweet Sixteen

I was finally able to catch the second episode of Top Chef: Texas after missing the first run last Wednesday. Luckily Bravo always shows re-runs of all their shows twenty times a week!

This week we conclude the third round of the qualifying challenge as well as the bubble round. In the qualifying round the contestants choose from ten different ingredients on a table with each item having a mystery time for competition which were 20, 40, and 60 minutes. Top Chef always has to put in that little twist.

The bubble round was a little more simple. The chef contestants were asked to just make any dish they wanted with the ingredients in the kitchen. Six chefs were left in the bubble round while only two spots were left on the show. Edward and Grayson were the two last chefs to make it into the competition.

Other observations:

Chaz (mama's boy) sure got a lot of talking time this week. I figured this was a pretty good sign that he would make the cut and be part of the final sixteen but unfortunately he wasn't able to even get his food plated in time. His crush for Padma turned into being crushed by the judges.

I love the line up when everyone is spouting their resumes at their introductions. I was really hoping that one of the contestants would confess to being the day shift team leader at Arby's.

It's cool that Paul made the final cut. He's the food truck guy. I think it will be interesting to have a contestant from a non-traditional food background on the show. Hopefully he'll last.

Speaking of lasting. People who usually never advance very far into this competition, older chefs and private chefs. Case in point this week, Laurent (51) and Jonathan (private chef). I guess Robin did manage to hang around for a while on Top Chef: Las Vegas much to my dismay...

Has anyone ever had ox tail? Just curious. I've eaten a few crazy things in my time but never tail of any land animal.

No Gail this week. Boo. I was going to try really hard to pay attention to her boobs.

Grayson wanted to be a professional drinker at age 15 but went into the restaurant business instead. In my experience the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

I like how Molly defended herself for being a cruise chef and being just as good as the other chefs in the competition. She was promptly sent home on the bubble round for over cooking her shrimp.

Next on Top Chef: apparently a lot of cooking, a lot of crying, and a lot of mother fucking cussing.

Next chef out: since I still don't have a good feel about everyone I'm going to say either Ed or Grayson simply because they had to cook twice to make it into the competition.

Next week predictions: a more traditional Top Chef episode?

For me next week is when the show really begins. I look forward to getting to know, and hate, the chefs in this competition!

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Bob said...

I agree. This two-show prelude was just a waste of time. i want my Top Chef, not Top Chef: On and Off The Bubble.