Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen

Really Bravo?

In another unusual twist to the Top Chef cooking competition, Bravo gives us Last Chance Kitchen. The last person eliminated on the show has the chance to cook one final time to stay in the competition. The goal for the losers is to cook every week against the most recent person eliminated for a chance to get back in the contest at the end and compete for the 125,000 dollars!

This being the first week of Last Chance Kitchen we are treated to Andrew and Janine (the last two chefs out in the qualifying rounds) cooking in a best pizza throw down.

Andrew prevails over Janine and wins a chef coat that he will defend against next weeks eliminated contestant.

The online only Last Chance Kitchen footage can be found here.

When I heard about this final, final cut that Top Chef was offering I rolled my eyes but upon watching the video I think I'm kind of down with the concept. At the very least it will potentially give a good chef who was prematurely eliminated the chance to get back in the finale.

Thoughts or comments?

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