Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy November

October came and went quickly didn't it? Did everyone have a good Halloween? I ended up spending "gay Christmas" at the OU/Colorado game, otherwise I really didn't do anything special for the holiday. No treats this year, only a trick early Sunday morning.

There's a lot going on in November this year, the war on Christmas kicks off soon, the most wonderful time of the year! I'm really ready for some "fall" weather still. We've had amazing weather in October but I'm definitely ready for a cool down. Upper 30's and lower 60's today, that's a start. I think I just want to wear some of the winter clothes I bought recently. On tap for this month:

November 2nd: Election day, finally. I'm so sick of hearing about this election I could just puke. I'll definitely be voting but I'm afraid progressives are about to take a bath this mid-term. What I'll be most displeased about is the loss of the House of Representatives to Republicans. Speaker Boehner? Oh lord. I'm less concerned about the Senate, it's an already broken institution and a slim majority by either party will make little difference.

November 7th: Daylight Savings. One of my favorite days of the year! Who doesn't love an extra hour of sleep? I know I do but I consider sleeping one of my most passionate hobbies and an art form.

November 25th: Thanksgiving! One of the better holidays around I think, primarily because I get two days off, Thursday and Friday. I also like going out to the clubs on Thanksgiving night, it's a good time to run in to people who aren't usually out or who are in town for the holiday.

November 27th: Bedlam! For those unfamiliar with the term, bedlam refers to the annual Oklahoma/Oklahoma State game. Yearly I get my hopes up for an OSU win and most years I'm disappointed. With the game at OSU this year I think a change for a Cowboys win is a little better than usual. Hopefully the game will determine who'll win the Big 12 South and move on to the Big 12 Championship game.

I'm sure I missed something in this post but those are the highlights for me in November. What does everyone else out there think of the month ahead? Any interesting plans or stories for November?


Mr Happy said...

Election Wisdom: Always VOTE CUTE...It's better to be lied to by a cute guy than some butt ugly asshole.

Dave said...

That didn't work at the top of the ticket, they're both women!!

Mr Happy said...

I'm not voting for either of them. I'm writing you in!

Dave said...

I can't be Governor! It's doesn't pay enough...

Mr Happy said...

But you fit the stereotypical politician profile so well.