Saturday, November 13, 2010

66 Years

The last time Oklahoma State beat Texas in Austin was in 1944. Here's what was going on in the world:

Franklin D. Roosevelt was President.

America was in the middle of World War II in Europe and the Pacific.

My dad was four years old.

I was 29 years from being born.

George Lucas was born on this year.

A gallon of gas was 15 cents.

Sunscreen was invented.

Kind of amazing, no? I think the Pokes are going to drop another football monkey off their back tonight! Go State! It's a good time to live Orange...


Dann said...

I think you're right.... The years of going into halftime with a big lead then Texas coming back to win are over!!!

Dave said...

Hopefully. If we can't beat them this year it's never going to happen LOL.

Dann said...

Lol! I think The Pokes have them this year!!