Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cancun, Mexico Day 3: Swimming with Sharks

Day three of Cancun allowed us some time to sleep in and buy some sunscreen before the next adventure, a Jungle Tour. The name was a little deceptive since we only took some little trails through the mangrove and out into the ocean. The destination was the coral reef, second in size only to Australia's reef. Pictures below:

The boats, docked and ready to go. Timmy, Veve, and myself had one boat while Monica and Willard rode in another.

View of the jungle from the boat.

Follow the leader.

Our destination (not much to look at from above). We tied the boats together and did some snorkeling above the reef. Unfortunately none of us had an underwater camera. Throughout the trip Veve mentioned that she was afraid of having a shark encounter though we told her it was unlikely. Naturally our guide pointed out a small shark underneath us near the reef. Fortunately for Veve the shark didn't feel like Asian for lunch.

Timmy drove the boat on our return trip; it was terrifying! I've driven a boat many times in my life but never on the ocean. In the size of boat we were using it was tense at times jumping over large ocean waves and wakes from other boats. Veve drove the other boat on the return trip, we wouldn't allow her to drive ours.

The short day (about a four hour tour) allowed us some free time to do some shopping, hit the beach and pool, and enjoy the sun set seen above. It's hard to see but part of Isla Mujeres (Island of the Bitches) can be seen in the top left.

Even more to come: shop 'til you drop and Gay Cancun.

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Shimmy said...

I was just as terrified on the way out there when you were driving. But I am sure I had more wind resistance coming back than when we were going out to the reef. Yeah, that was it.