Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cancun, Mexico Day 1: Cooked Medium or Well?

We arrived in Cancun on June 3rd on a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth early in the morning. After a couple of hours of immigration and travel to the hotel RIU Caribe we hit the beach and the booze. Here's some highlights of the first days activities spent at the resort:

View of the beach from a small bar where we had our first Mojito, Pina Colada, and Cerveza.

The Mexican bathrooms left a lot to be desired. It appears Timmy forgot the TP!

View of the resort from in the water.

Veve practicing for the Village People YMCA dance competition.

Timmy after his tenth Mojito.

A special vacation message to Fefe who was left behind to toil in the States. Contrary to the spelling we don't mean to say a garden tool.

From the ocean to the pool.

Taking a siesta.

Comming soon in future posts: Lobster Boy sightings, a journey to the Heart of Darkness, speedboat Shimmy, and Montezuma's Revenge!


Shimtimmy said...

Whoa nelly! Who is that fine man in the sunglasses. I need me some of that right now. By the way, it seems you have left out some pics of yourself from that first day. I'll wait a little longer, but then I release some of my own pics. He he he he. Shim timmy

Dave said...

You're confused about the "fine man in the sunglasses". They're actually prescription glasses with no tint.