Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cowtown Christmas Parade

Well the Stockyard City Christmas Parade to be exact but it'll always be Cowtown to me. I guess this is becoming a Christmas tradition, going with the Rents and my great niece Lo.

As usual we were right near the dais that held the parade "commentators." Throughout the parade all I could think was...

"Don't they look lovely June?"
"Fabulous Harry I love the feathers."

My favorite part, the longhorns. Later in the parade there was a couple riding two longhorns which were spotted black and white. Their animals names were Oreo and T-bone. How awesome is that?

Nothing says Oklahoma like an outhouse attached to a truck at a parade! Really?

Lamas! Watch out, they spit!

Lo, as sweet as an outbreak of anthrax...

Actually a pretty fun parade only minimally marred by my mother accosting the former Lt. Governor. The only thing missing, in my opinion, was a couple of High School bands. How can you have a parade without a marching band or two?


Dann said...

Oh, Lordy! What did your Mom say to the former Lt. Governor? It has the potential to be a hoot! :)

Dave said...

Nothing bad really, she just stopped her on the sidewalk and told her she had wished she was won the last election.

Dann said...

Well, that's no fun :)