Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Letter to Senator Corn

"Senator Corn,

I was very disappointed to see that you voted to override Governor Henry's veto of HB 3284. I'm wondering why you think women, including rape and incest victims, should participate in a questionnaire about their pregnancy and personal life in order to obtain an abortion? I'm also wondering why you don't believe in the right to privacy and doctor/patient confidentiality? As a life-long Democrat who votes in most elections, large or small, I am deeply troubled by your vote. I don't know which is more offensive, the vote itself or the fact that you are a supposed 'Democrat.' I will not vote for you in any election and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. I will go as far to say that if your name is on the ballot in November for Lt. Governor, I will leave that portion of the ballot blank. Thank you for your time.


(Name withheld to protect the innocent, me!)

House Bill 3284 requires women, including rape and incest victims, to participate in a questionnaire about their pregnancy and personal life in order to obtain an abortion. From what I understand that information will then be posted online. The Oklahoma legislature has already passed a similar law that was struck down by the courts. It's nice to see our elected officials are tackling the "big" issues.

There are only two possible reasons I can see for Senator Corn to agree with this bill: (1) he's pandering to conservative Oklahomans or (2) he truly believes in limiting choice based on wacko, grandpa in the sky religious reasons (there's antipsychotic medication out there that would help with that).

I encourage everyone, in Oklahoma, who believes in keeping abortion safe, legal, and private to contact Senator Corn and other "supposed" Democrats to let them know this kind of vote is unacceptable. Senator Corn can be contacted here.


Mr Happy said...

Hey Dave...Nice Blog. I haven't seen you in a few years. Wondering what you'd think about meeting for a drink and catch up. -Terry

Dave said...

Hmmm. Could be one of a number of Terrys! Hit me up at :)

Mr Happy said...

Anything but "yes" LOL

The implication is that there is at least one Terry you would say 'No' to. I'm probably that one.

No big deal.

Dave said...

There's no Terry I would say "no" to, just curious which Terry it might be! Oddly enough I've known a number of Terrys over the years but they all seem to move away...

Jason said...

How someone can detest the Republican Party and the dogma they follow, but advocate the exact same one-issue, self-righteous, and divisive practices of the Republican Party, only of the opposite viewpoint, is beyond me.

The fact of the matter is the core value of the Democratic Party is NOT abortion, as much as the Republicans would like to convince Americans that it is. The core tenant of the Democratic Party is inclusion-the idea that diversity will produce more ideas and better solutions.

The fact that many in both parties simply demonize an opposing viewpoint rather than try to find common ground on other issues is ridiculous. This type of good vs. evil mentality plays well to ignorant voters, and has yielded numerous advances for the Republican Party. But don't fall into the tea party trap of not educating yourself beyond one issue.

I respect your position regarding Senator Corn's vote. I can even understand you being angry. But, his entire effort over the past eleven years has not earned such a visceral reaction from you.

His entire body of work in the legislature has been one dedicated to finding solutions to difficult problems. Not to mention, in a legislature controlled by a group widely viewed as being absolutely ignorant of common decency, he has been an advocate for those who do not have a voice.

So I encourage you to dig a little more before you shred a very good legislator. And, please know that a Democrat leaving a ballot blank will only insure further Republican advances, and in this case, could show a great advocate the door.

Dave said...

Jason, I understand what you're saying and I respect your opinion but we'll just have to agree to disagree. There are more issues at stake here than just abortion; namely the right to privacy, keeping the government's filthy hands out of our private lives.

What issue could someone not support that would cross the line for you? If Corn was a great Democrat but was homophobic would you still support him with such zeal? Would his one difference of opinion on that issue be okay with you while looking at the rest of his record?

I'm truly not trying to be argumentative or to "demonize" anyone but this issue of privacy is very important to me!

I have a post I'm working on for later in the week that will maybe make my position more clear and hopefully show this is simply not a pro-choice/pro-life debate. Thanks for the response.