Monday, January 04, 2010

Stephanie Plum Quotes III

The first book of 2010 is um, in the books. I finished Janet Evanovich's seventh entry in the Stephanie Plum series, Seven Up. Not nearly as good as Hot Six but a decent and easy read. Again, instead of recapping the premise of the novel, since they're all the same basic storyline, I'll provide some funny quotes from the story:

"That's the good part about smoking pot all your life... no short-term memory. Something horrible happens to you and ten minutes later you can't remember a thing."

Stephanie on her arch nemesis Joyce:
"Next time my mother had chicken I was going to wish on the wishbone that Joyce got herpes."

Stephanie and Joe:
"Maybe we should just go get married."
"Can't be tonight. The Rangers are playing. Tomorrow? Wednesday?"

"We've got to get into shape," I said to Lula. "We should go to a gym or something."
"I'd rather set myself on fire."
That about summed it up for me, too.

49 books in 2010 to go to reach my "goal."


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