Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fracking Earthquakes!

Five earthquakes near Oklahoma City were reported in the wee hours of the morning today.


"The largest in the series was a 4.7-magnitude quake that rattled about 1:56 a.m. near Luther, preliminary data show.  A 4.6-magnitude quake was also recorded around 5:16 a.m."

Both larger earthquakes woke me from my beauty slip with what sounded like a truck running into my house and then a rumbling feeling for several seconds.  The glass pane on the door to my "laundry room" rattled and some items even fell off a shelf in my kitchen.  Though I'm from Oklahoma and hardly ever feel our earthquakes, I knew immediately what was happening and promptly went back to sleep instead of getting up and logging on to FaceSpace or Twitter to freak out.

What is weird is, like I said, Oklahoma always had earthquakes but I never remember them being so strong or memorable, meaning they were felt.  Just what's causing the uptick in the magnitude of quakes in the region?  Hydraulic fracturing?  The New Madrid fault getting ready for another big one?  I don't know.  I haven't really researched either item to make an educated guess so I'll just stay quiet for the time being.  I know, I'm breaking the unwritten rules of adding content to a blog, don't let your lack of knowledge stop you!  I guess I'll continue to piddle along with my life until I'm swallowed up by a 9.9 mega-earthquake or until my drinking water is flammable.  My money is on Chesapeake Energy destroying the world, or as I call the company, Doucheapeake and Chesadouche.  I've even heard Doucheadouche thrown around.

Beside, it's tornado season.  I'm already walking around with my head between my ass cheeks ready to kiss them goodbye.

Anyone out there live in a light earthquake zone?  When you can feel the minor tremors, do they scare you?  Do you care?  Is the world ending?  Perhaps not quick enough for your liking?    

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