Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Capital Added to Oklahoma's Endangered Historic Buildings List


There's an interesting article at the Oklahoma Gazette about endangered buildings in the Oklahoma City area, including the Capital, Gold Dome Building, Stage Center and Villa Teresa.

None of this should be news to anyone who's lived in Oklahoma City for any amount of time, especially when it comes to the capital building.

"Gov. Mary Fallin attended the event, thanking Preservation Oklahoma for including the Capitol on its list. She wants state lawmakers to appropriate $10 million for repairs and renovations with $8 million of it for the outside of the building. The remaining $2 million would be spent on interior priorities.

Pieces of limestone have fallen from the exterior while most of the building’s infrastructure — including sewer, plumbing and electrical systems — are outdated or need repair."

Politics being what they are in the great state of Oklahoma, I guess chances are better that a republican will be hit by falling limestone when trying to do business at the capital.  Always looking for the silver lining!

I don't understand why Oklahoma has let year after year pass by without addressing the issue at the Capital.  Instead it seems all our legislators ever want to do is see how much more they can lower taxes in the state, a battle waged yearly by conservatives in the state legislature.

Oklahoma City has passed a couple of different tax increases over the years for upgrades to the Chesapeake Energy Arena to accommodate NBA standards for the Thunder.  We also payed to have a new practice facility build for the pro basketball team.  Perhaps it's time for a ballot initiative statewide to address some of these buildings, at the very least the building where our government conducts business!  Either appropriations or an increase in revenues should have resolved this issue a long time ago.  Priorities priorities...

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