Monday, July 09, 2012

Animal Crossing: Jump Out Nintendo Direct

Have I ever mentioned I'm an Animal Crossing fanatic? Surely I've mentioned this once or twice. For those unaware Animal Crossing is basically Nintendo's version of the SIMS. I've dropped a ton of hours playing the three installments in this franchise over the years and loved every hour of it.

I finally found a new trailer of the Nintendo 3DS version of the game after being disappointed with zero news at E3 last month. Despite the trailer being in Japanese there's some pretty cool stuff to see.

My impressions:

First, the graphics look pretty good considering this is a game for a handheld system.

It looks like the travel system has gone back to a train, or streetcar perhaps?

At one point someone is toggling through what looks like items that can be place around town outside of the houses, lamp posts, park benches, things of that nature.

Solar panels. Nifty.

From what I've seen of the shops they look about the same as previous versions of the game with the exceptions of a shoe shop and the ability to buy pants at the clothing store, a fun addition.

I definitely spied some new household items and furniture in the game, though that is certainly to be expected.

So, based on this video, the game is going to be more of the same Animal Crossing goodness with some tweaks and a few new revisions. This is totally fine with me as long as the game stays on par with other installments in the series. The best I can guess is an early 2013 release. Bring it!

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