Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well it's that time of year again, my birthday. I'm mildly amused and somewhat surprised that I'm still alive, what with all the booze, drugs, and whoring!

I remember when I was a kid, the father of a friend turned 40 years old. We thought, at the time, that that was so very old. Here I am only a year away from the big 4-0 but I don't feel like it or even look it, or so I'm told. Maybe every generation thinks this but I feel more youthful in my late 30s than my parents and their peers appeared when they were the same age. Or maybe I saved some wrinkles by not having children!

I guess age is what you make it. Though I joke about being old or older I really don't feel much different mentally or physically than I did in my early 20s. Perhaps it has to do with my core group of friends. I'm generally one of the oldest in the group with most others being 5 to 10 years younger than me. Who knows.

So that's my birthday thought for this year. How do you feel compared to how old you really are?


Bob said...

I remember 39 like it was yesterday.
Sadly though, it was more like yesterday in dog years.

Mr Happy said...

Haha. Everybody knows that ghosts don’t age, right? Human Beings age (grow) because they’re out there doing worthwhile if difficult things, and over time develop battle scars to prove it. Ghosts eternally traverse the Abyss, accomplishing little and caring less, making their former potential as ethereal as their current rabblerousing. I thought I saw one at Jeff’s a few Saturdays ago, but wasn’t quite sure. I couldn’t quite focus my eyes on it. I could see it and also see through it. Weird, huh? And it didn’t say anything. Folklore holds that ghosts are gaunt and miserable, full of sorrow and regret. My experience is that this is not the case. Some are actually very attractive, upbeat and even proud of themselves, and capable of imitating conversation (though their words have a half life of around six minutes, so they too are tenuous.) Anyway, Happy Birthday and I’m glad you’re not any older.