Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Never Ending Meme, Part Two

First meme of the new year for me. Once again from Sunday Stealing.

Cheers to all of us thieves!

21. Did you go to your high school prom?
I did. In fact it was with a certain blogger who won't ever update!

22. Perfect time to wake up?
It's not about the hour of the day but the hours of sleep one gets in my opinion.

23. Perfect time to go to bed?
When tired. Usually for me that's on the couch after 12:30 watching Futurama.

24. Do you use your queen right away in chess?
I can't remember the last time I played chess. I usually keep the queen out of the action until necessary.

25. Ever been in a car accident?
A few, nothing too severe.

26. Closer to mom or dad…or neither?
Or both?

27. What age is this exciting life over for you?
I'm confused. Am I supposed to predict my death year or just give the year I became bitter?

28. What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?
I think my decade, the '80's, was pretty cool.

29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned?
Checkered Vans back in the day?

30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school?
Not that I'm aware of, though, it would be nice to still have my letter jacket...

31. Were you in track and field?
No. I played Tennis during spring sports.

32. Were you ever in a school talent show?
No, I wasn't that gay even in school.

33. Have you ever written in a library book?
No but I destroyed a book once that the librarian gave me. The Return of the Native. My only regret is that I didn't have 1,000 copies to destroy.

34. Allergic to?

35. Favorite fruit?
I really like peaches but since they make my throat close up I'll go with grapes or pears.


Shannon W. said...

I was confused by #27 also and I love peaches.

Kristy said...

Checkered vans - nice!! That brought back some memories.