Saturday, July 09, 2011

I'm Alive!


I haven't posted since I returned from Louisiana as I've pretty much been in bed the entire time since I got back. I started feeling ill on Wednesday afternoon until I developed a nasty sore throat last night. I dragged myself to one of the minor emergency clinics here in town for treatment.

It's amazing the difference a day, a shot of antibiotics, a shot of steroids, oral antibiotics, pain killers, Ibuprofen, and Claritin can make! Though getting two shots simultaneously by two different nurses was a little bizarre and a lot painful. I think my hips are going to be sore for a few days.

The worst part of being holed up this week is missing a performance of Evita in Tulsa tonight. I really enjoy the musical but I've never caught a stage production of it. Luckily Dann was able to get out of our hotel room and our tickets for the show with only a seven dollar fee total!

I have ten days left of antibiotics. Boo. Now that I'm feeling better I should be posting again more regularly.


Brilliantly Blonde said...

You didn't miss out on much. I hated Evita....loved the music, hated the show.

Dave said...

I thought it would have to be better than the wretched movie...