Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bruce 1; World Wide Web 0

Just try to see in the dark
Just try to make it work
To feel the fear before you're here
I make the shapes come much too close
I pull my eyes out
Hold my breath
And wait until I shake
But if I had your faith
Then I could make it safe and clean
If only I was sure
That my head on the door was a dream

Ok smarty pants, who sang the above lyrics?


Bruce said...

Robert Smith, of course. The song is "Close to Me" off The Cure's 1985 album "Head on the Door", although I have to 'fess up that I'm not a huge Cure fan. They're a little dark for my taste.

So what's with all the classical music references? Trying to revisit your childhood?

Dave said...

Just what I'm listening to lately.