Thursday, February 09, 2006

Great Big Stuff!

Bruce pondered in the previous post what I would do after what would be an orgy of excess if I won the powerball lottery. I would want some really classy shit, like a mink tracksuit, my own personal Zamboni, or lot's of unnecessary surgery. I could even finally afford to see a Broadway show! Seriously I can think of three off the top of my head:

1. I would travel extensively, most notably I would revisit Germany, visit eastern Asia, and see the Amazon river.
2. I would open a club with Dann so we'd have a cool place to hang on Sunday afternoons.
3. I would go back to school on the twenty year plan... you know kind of slide back into it.

Oh, I'd also give Heath ten dollars as compensation for all the loses he's sustained on poker nights.

It also goes without saying that all my friends and family (except those who cross me) would be well cared for financially.

What would YOU do?


Bruce said...

I've started to reply to this a couple of times, but it's turning out to be a longer reply than I expected, so I think I'll just take advantage of the fact and make it a blog entry of my own.

Shimmy said...

I though you said you would buy me my own cabana MAN (not boy) so I won't bother you when you are concentrating at the all important task of your Nintendo DS games! If you were to get me a boy then I would have to fend off Dann, Bruce, Barrett, Heath, Darryl, and everyone else that trolls the bars. Oh, by that way, I simply LOVE that picture of you Bruce. It is FFFFAABBUUULLLLOOUUUSSSSSS!!!

Casey said...

I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably just get a boob job, toe shortening and celebrate my unnecessary surgery scuba diving in Australia!